Who We Are

This collective project was born in 2012 from the desire to break the wall of silence that surrounds Greece, a country transformed through the crisis in the European laboratory of the most ferocious neoliberal policies.

The desire to inform, especially starting from the voice of struggles and social conflicts, accompanies the need to build bridges between European movements, precisely when the attack against our lives is defined on a different level from that of the national state traditionally intended.

The complete destruction of the social state, the unpunished violence of the Nazis, the explicit complicity of the police, the cancellation of democratic prerogatives, the vulgar racism that the austerity policies have produced on the Hellenic peninsula concern us all and call us all to act. Demonstrating solidarity with a people fighting against capitalism, circulating the news that the press neglects, fighting for those same policies to be rejected in a common way by all European countries.